Doctors graduated furniture co., LTD., zhejiang to VILGA WeiErJia for its flagship brand. Zhejiang doctors graduated after thirty-five years of innovation and heritage, zhejiang has become the most outstanding in the furniture industry, doctors graduated and famous trademark of zhejiang province, zhejiang famous brand, zhejiang export famous brand, national product, national export products exempt from inspection shall be exempted from inspection, also is only for the furniture industry of its kind "double" free enterprise. In sustainable development, doctors graduated use more stringent environmental regulations and emissions standards, at the same time the company set up a "1 + 1" funds, to provide support for charity. To furniture from design to manufacturing, always adhere to the "life is changing, doctors graduated classical constant" aesthetic concept of life, not only with the domestic and foreign designers all over the world, at the same time, through the strict quality control and excellent after-sa

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