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Jean Nouvel 作品集访谈


国际著名的法国建筑师和著名设计大奖得主 Jean Nouvel形容自己是一个建筑设计师而不是单纯的家具设计师;

因此,基于产品本质形式的家具诞生了。专注流畅简明的线条以及沉稳的家具线条,Jean Nouvel 为唯尔佳家具带来一次全新的设计元素,极致地雕刻和反映周围的空间环境。

Jean Nouvel在设计上讲求心灵的自然回归感,给人一种扑面而来的法式浓郁气息。

关于 Jean Nouvel/ Architect 三个问题


Jean Nouvel在与Vilga高层会议期间,我非常着迷于这家公司的设计理念以及经营理念——这样的理念文化在家具行业都是非常罕见的,因此在整一个设计以及



Jean Nouvel我试图尝试如何将我的理念很好的融入在Vilga家具设计当中,如何让设计变得充满美感又低调舒适。我的灵感来自极致精美的法式雕花以及回归自然的法式庄园,点缀在自然中,崇尚冲突之美。


Jean Nouvel在我眼里,中式灵感带入法式家具的设计之中是一次非常奇妙的尝试,在我访问中国,我一直惊讶地看到,很多中式的圆桌设计之中,他们只是一块玻璃或大理石,放置在一个旋转的中央轴承当中。


A collection signed by jean nouvel

Internationally renowned French architect and winner of many prestigious awards, Jean Nouvel describes himself not as a desingner but as an “architect who does design”.

As such, a collection bases on the essence of forms was born. Focusing on the circle, a symbol of purity. Jean Nouvel created for Vilga a lacquered table and a sideboard-column; creaions which are 

at once mysterious and obvious, whose shapes sculpt and reflect the space that surrounds them.  

An exceptional collaborating which demonstrates the deep-tooted ties between archtitecture and design. 

Three questions for Jean Nouvel/ Architect

What immediately struck you about Vilga?

Jean NouvelDuring my meetings at Vilga, I became rare of the importance of the multipilicity of collections intiated and developed with many deisigners. I was fascinated by the look and the know-

how of this company, a rare thing in the furniture industry, which is the key to establishing and maintaining international notoriety. 

What was your inspiration for this collection? 

Jean Nouvel: I tried to imagine hwo to be a part of the eclectic universe of Vilga, how i could incorporate my pieces into that world, how they would fit. I noticed many lacquered pieces of furniture, 

which is one of the constants of the collections. I low lacquers and mirrors, because they make it possible to tilt space into other dimensions. 

How would you describe your table?

Jean NouvelIn my eyes, the Chinese-inspired round table with the utrning top symbolises the aboundance and discovery of Chinese cuisine, which never caeses to renew itself. During my travels to

China, I’ve always been surprised to see that these festive and ceremonial tables have no stylistic characteristics. They’re just a plate of glass or marble, placed on a rotating mechanism in the center. 

There’s nothing festive, magical or exceptional about them.